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This website serves as our presenting hub for our CSIT321 Capstone Project. Scroll down to meet the team involved with the Project.

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About the Project

The main purpose of this project is to develop a sensor-based system to measure how the sensory room at CareWays is being used. Currently the team behind the sensory room only have data about the people who use the room, through their signup process. What goes on in the room is not so clear. Why this is important is because they don't have a clear grasp on what equipment in the room is useful or not. It might be that no one uses an item in the room because they don't like how it works. This item could have been incredibly expensive or take up space within the room. By measuring what is and is not useful lets the team put more resources towards things that make more sense.

The Room

The multi-sensory room is a room designed to stimulate the senses. It contains a number of interactable objects in a safe environment which aim to provide a safe place for people with cognitive, behavioural and physical impairments to explore.

This room difers from other sensory rooms in that it is the first openly available one in Australia. You don't need to be a special client to access the room. This makes it far easier to access for people who need to use it.

This room is located in the West Dapto Community Centre. You can find out more about the room on the CareWays website.

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System Features

Sensor Hardware

We will put sensor hardware throughout the room to accurately capture use.

Connected Devices

All our processing hardware is connected to a private wireless network to collect all data into a single location securely and flexibly.

Extensive Data

We colect a broad range of data and then let the team select the data they want to view for research.

Open Source

We want our work to be accessible to other rooms so that they can find out more about their rooms also.

The Team


I’m Josh and I’m studying IT. I am a the Team Leader in the Roomlytics team and my interests in technology are Gaming as well as VR and other new innovative technology. I enjoy working on the project as its a change from the norm of IT projects.


I’m Tim and I’m studying Computer Science. I am a full stack developer in the Roomlytics team, and my interests in technology are geared towards databases and data visualisation. Seinfeld is my favourite anime.


Im Nick and I’m studying Computer Science majoring in Mobile Computing. My role includes front end, back end and database development. I love lamp.


I’m Michael studying a Bachelor of Computer Science. I am a full stack developer in the Roomlytics team. I enjoy photography and trying new foods. I turn Hawaiian pizzas and Mountain Dew into websites.


My name's Joseph and I'm in my final year for a Bachelor of Computer Science. My role in the Roomlytics team is a full stack developer. I'm interested in all roles regarding software development, but my main focus is mobile computing. I am a master chef. My talents are so impressive that I can take any problem or piece of code and turn it into spaghetti.


I'm Jeremy and my project role is technical lead, which means I make most of the decisions around the technologies we use and do most of the reviewing process of the team's work. I study mechatronics engineering & computer science. I like my coffee, like a lot.

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Josh Monteforte - Project Manager